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Background (if you care to know):
I find myself frequently angry nowadays.

1.My boss is critical of me. Although I know the criticism is constructive, it is very personal in nature also. It can be quite upsetting since I try my best.

2. I am debating an atheist on HuffPost. I control myself to the best I can. However, atheists can become extremely disrespectful and rude. For example, I was called ‘insane’, indoctrinated’ and that religious ideas ‘should not be shown respect’. The funny thing is, it is not just the ideas that are disrespected, it is also the people holding those ideas. Also, using the word ‘insane’ as an insult is extremely offensive to people who actually do suffer from a mental illness.

So, what does Vedanta (or any spiritual path) say about controlling anger and not being hurt by other people’s comments?