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The case of Megan Huntsman, a woman who allegedly took the life of six of her children, is indeed tragic. She was (rightfully) arrested and her mental health should be monitored closely. No one is really on her side. Oh, wait. Except for this guy…


Nah… he’s just messing with ya, you dope. Can’t you see the satire? It’s really funny. You see, he took the Megan Huntsman case, turned it into a conversation on abortion rights and then totally misrepresented the views of people who are pro-choice! That’s just hilariously funny…

In case Mr. Walsh doesn’t publish my comment on his blog, I thought I would paste it here

Hi Matt,

Have you ever heard of a ‘strawman argument’? Well, that is what you are guilty of here. I must admit that you are quite the satirist, but you are also misleading people to a great extent. From the number of likes and shares of your article, it is clear that you are popular. That means you should be a little bit more responsible with your blogs.

Let me ask you (and let’s see if you have the answer), how many pro-choice advocates have really come out in support of this woman? The last time I checked, the only ‘Free Megan Huntsman campaigns’ around on the web are actually satirical. The case in question has nothing to do with abortion, you know that very well. Yet, you decided to fallaciously twist the story to a different issue (abortion), misrepresent the views of people on the opposite side of the abortion debate and came out looking cool to all of the so-called ‘pro-life’ individuals here (and probably got people clicking on those ads on your page making you some good money in the process – well played, sir).

While we are on the topic of abortion, here’s a thought. Do you even understand what pro-choice means? If you are pro-life, how come you think a woman should die while giving birth without giving a choice about her own life? Ever heard of the Savita Halapannavar case? You know, the woman who was denied abortion despite the fact that her life was under serious threat? What happened there? An innocent woman and her unborn baby both died. For what? Oh right, it must have been god’s will to kill the woman and her child, who are we to question?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Savita_Halappanavar

Did it ever occur to you that women get pregnant when they are raped, out of no fault of their own. You expect them to carry that child to birth, don’t you? What about mentally retarded women that are raped? Oh, right – god’s will.

Did it ever occur to you what it means to hold your postion? If your mom’s life had been put in jeopardy because of you when you were in her womb, you demand that it is morally upright that your mother should die and that you should be allowed to live. Think about that for a moment and tell me that is not self-serving. Oh, oops. Forgot again – the whole god’s will thing again.

Good for you Matt. I hope the convictions of your followers are re-affirmed with this brilliant article you have written here. It would probably make you feel good about yourself, because all of those progressive lunatics are converting to ‘pro-life’ in droves because of your one article. Catch the satire in that.