Male feminists are a growing bunch. I bet they are a genuine bunch too and good for them. So does that make the rest of us non-feminist men chauvinist pigs? Or does that mean that women don’t find non-feminist males as chauvinists, it’s just that they find male feminists more appealing?

A recent article on HuffPost blatantly says that male feminists are the best type of men to date. Now, if I’m not mistaken, there are probably millions of women out there who are happily married to men that do not consider themselves feminists. Obviously these men must have done something right. I personally think one can be respectful to a woman without having to be a feminist.

Women should have equal rights, I totally agree. We should be considered equals at the workplace, but this does not mean that we are the same. There are differences. If there were no differences between men and women, paternity leaves would be just as long as maternity leaves. Silly example, but you get my point.

I also find that feminism adds a confusing aspect regarding how men should treat women. All women want equal rights as men, but then why are there those that want special treatment from men?

Indeed, feminists actually do not think highly of chivalry. Yet, they don’t have to be jerks when they are afforded such courtesies. It gets even more confusing when courteous men are confused with perverts as this forum shows about a man who offered his seat to able-bodied women on public transport (comment three).  How are we supposed to know what a particular woman thinks about chivalry given the confusing opinions regarding it? I would think that if you consider yourselves as equals then you probably shouldn’t want these courtesies from men. I would also think that if you want me to stand up when you come into a room, you should do the same for people who also deserve respect like the elderly or our teachers.

I digressed somewhat from the point – is a male feminist the best man to date? Well, I think the answer is a clear no. That is because women are different and any woman who thinks there is a ‘best’ man to date is kidding herself. After all, the ‘ladies’ out there who want some kind gentleman to open the door for her and stand up when she walks into a room will  be unpleasantly surprised that her feminist boyfriend wants her to act like a fellow equal, not a lady.