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Well the long battle is over(?) Devyani has been given the immunity she deserves. India has gotten rid of the American diplomat who helped Sangeeta Richards and her family leave the country. His name is Wayne May. Apparently from this guy and his wife’s facebook posts, it is clear he was an anti-India and anti-Hindu bigot that would do anything to make India look bad and perhaps help his fellow Christian along the way.


Not that there is anything wrong with helping another member of one’s community, but who knows? This racist prick might have even helped Sangeeta scheme this thing from before she even left India, after all, Sangeeta’s family worked for the US Embassy in India.

The comments on US news sites and their high-handed, self-righteous reporting, especially by WaPo were disgusting.

Anyway, Devyani put it best. She was seen off at the airport by an official of the US State Department. The official said ‘Madam, I am sorry, and it was wrong’ to which Devyani replied

“You have lost a good friend. It is unfortunate. In return, you got a maid and a drunken driver. They are in, and we are out.”