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Continuing with the Khobragade controversy, it appears the maid might have been paid more than minimum wage after all. There are also rumors that the maid might have been part of a larger conspiracy by the US, which is a very serious allegation. But as with most conspiracies, this could be complete bull. We have to wait and watch.

What’s surprising in the American reaction to all of this is that there is not a trace of admission of wrong doing from the American side, like refusing to arrest the maid even though she had a non-bailable warrant, ignoring multiple complaints against her by the Indian government and Delhi High court, but most arrogantly – of giving her status of a ‘trafficked person’ while she and her husband were summoned for criminal prosecution in India and flying her ENTIRE family into the US when she is supposed to be in jail! WTF?! What kind of asinine, deranged, self-shit-loving mother f#$@s do that?

What’s worse is the CONSTANT parroting of ‘it’s standard protocol all criminals have to go through’ BS. Americans say it with such pride. Just think about it my yankee friends – you are proud of a law in which you have to get naked in front of a stranger and have them inspect your genitals and anus. Ya, real civilized. This whole ‘standard protocol’ repetition is delivered with an airy haughtiness that doesn’t deserve respect – it deserves to be ridiculed by the entire international community. The US marshals are also really sneaky, trying to deny performing a cavity search on a technicality. A cavity search by definition means, among other things, having someone put their finger in your butt. What Devyani probably meant when she said that she had a cavity search done was that the US marshals peered into her cavities, which is actually part of a strip search. Double WTF! What is wrong with America?

Of course nobody in America respects the laws of India or the ruling of the Delhi High Court but arrogantly upholds American Immigration Laws and strip search laws. Well, here is what I think of your laws. Tomorrow, I am going to take a printout of your strip search protocol, take a dump, and then wipe my ass with the printout. That will be up close and personal with my body cavity. That is what I think of your laws.