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The recent case of an Indian diplomat, Devyani Khobragade, who was arrested and strip-searched has become international news and leave it to the US media to play big brother.

So the Indian diplomat allegedly lied on a visa application for her maid and allegedly paid her much less than minimum wage. You see the italicized words there? The matter was being investigated by both US and Indian courts. In reality, the maid might have been exploiting her employer and the Indian government revoked the maid’s passport because she was getting a little too demanding for her own good.

The American media didn’t tell you that part, did they? What’s more, although Devyani doesn’t have full diplomatic immunity, this case was being investigated in Indian courts, but the US decided to prosecute by themselves anyway. Well done. The guy who is prosecuting might have his own political ambitions and apparently this could’ve been sorted out by the Indian ministry of external affairs (MEA) and the US State department.

So I’m reading how the US media is getting all defensive and self-righteous. Even Fox News and the good ol’ folks at WSJ are siding with the US because the poor maid did not get her minimum wage. (That’s right, Fox News and WSJ are actually defending a minimum wage worker. Because it’s convenient to do so now, you know.)

For instance an opinion article in the Washington Post has undertones of obnoxious moral superiority.

Take for instance, well, the title. “India … is wrong”. Combine that with this statement “Like we saw with India’s anti-gay ruling last week, the country is in the wrong once again.” I have mentioned my contempt for the anti-gay law, but using an unrelated issue to question the integrity of the entire country is pretty pathetic, even for Washington Post.

In fact, two can play this game. Let’s look at American diplomats. Take the case of a certain Raymond Davis. This guy KILLED 3 pakistanis and admitted to it. But instead of showing regret over the issue the US actually wanted diplomatic immunity! He escaped scot free! But if a crime is committed by a non-American diplomat on US soil? NOOOOOOO IMMUNITY….. you are condemned to prison… HYPOCRITES

Finally, the US makes the pretense that what Devyani went through was ‘common procedure’ for suspected criminals.

Oh…..really? Well, you know since it is a punishable offense to be gay in India, maybe India can follow some ‘common procedures’ on gay Americans living in India ; )

No, America you were wrong. You humiliated one of our educated women for a crime that she probably wasn’t even responsible for while at the same time shoving your snobby self-righteous ‘human rights’ down our throat as you saw convenient and took advantage of, just to flex some political muscle. Apologize or no more privileges to your diplomats.