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The macrocosm is in the microcosm. The universe is in us. in fact we are a cross-section of the universe. The ancient Rishis told us this. The brahmanda is in the pindanda, according to sanskrit terminology. They wanted the whole world to know about this exciting discovery. Yet, as with most spiritual exclamations, this exclamation was never taken seriously by the dualist, naturalist world. Until now, that is. Neil de Grasse Tyson says that the universe is within us and that somehow the universe is a part of us and the world thinks that he was the first to realise this. Alas! The Rishis get no credit! perhaps they didn’t want it. All they wanted is for people like Neil to spread the message with that child-like enthusiasm he carries. That is all they wanted. We are all the universe. We are whole. There is nothing that separates us but the mental concoctions we have stirred. The brahmanda is in us.