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  1. Do you really think cows are God? No, but they seem to be smarter than you.
  2. Aren’t you ashamed of the caste system? Uh huh. I came up with the whole idea. I’m also ashamed of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Lady Gaga and talking to ignoramuses like you.
  3. Don’t you get confused with so many gods? Nope. Do you get confused with how many kinds of burgers there are?
  4. I’m a rationalist freethinker and I think Hinduism is irrational. Remind me why I should give a flying fudge about what you think again?
  5. Do you sleep on a bed of nails? No, but I know someone who will be pretty soon if they don’t shut up.
  6. Who is your savior? Myself.
  7. Why do you guys worship idols? [Slap myself on the head]
  8. Aren’t you worried you are gonna go to hell? If heaven means having to live with people like you, hell doesn’t seem all that bad.