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I have secretly wanted to be a professional writer since I was a teen. However, several realities put me off from ever wanting to pursue a career in writing

1. The horrendous amount of time it takes. Conceptualizing, drafting, editing and approaching a publisher with a manuscript is a full-time job. As a grad student especially, I can’t devote that much time. I usually spend no more than a half hour on my blogs, with an average time of ~20min. I have posted 30 blogs, which sounds like a lot, but that comes to 1 blog per week.

2. The marketing that goes into selling one’s book is important. Not everyone has the resources to market their work, especially if they are just starting out.

3. The returns are not good. Writers don’t make a lot of money.

However it seems that there are several opportunities for wannabe writers like myself in self-publishing e-books. The Amazon Kindle Singles seems to be a popular interface (Amazon better pay me for advertising them :-p)

So for the last two months, I have taken out some time to sit down and just write a story. So far I have written out a draft of the entire book + the first three chapters. I am half-way through chapter four. The story is starting to develop nicely. It is a crime thriller set in a fictional city. The protagonist is a tough-talking, fast-thinking female journalist.

Would any one be interested to read this story if it were ever to be published? 🙂