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Today was one of those (many) days when I just didn’t feel like working. I have been feeling excessively lethargic of late and I wanted to know if other people felt that way.

So I did a Google search for ‘I don’t want to work today’ and was disappointed to find a song of the same name. But I remembered seeing from the automatic suggestions from the Google search the option ‘I don’t want to work anymore’. Out of curiosity, I decided to search for that instead and ….

Voila! Dozens of posts on forums that had people complaining about not wanting to work EVER again. And I thought I felt lazy!

Soon I realized that all of the people who don’t want to work, not procrastinate but just never want to work, are actually not lazy. One comment opened my eyes to a simple fact – people who are having a bout of work aversion actually feel undervalued and not appreciated enough. THAT is why they don’t want to work. Anyone who feels appreciated and is paid what they deserve would not shirk work. Especially if at some point in time they thought they enjoyed what they were doing.

Nice to know that.


Of course, some of the posts went into how lazy bums are sucking all the unemployment benefit goodies the government has to offer. Bullshit. Especially considering that more and more employed people are homeless.


Back to work now…