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It would be living a lie,

To believe in a being,

Who probably does not exist

There’s nothing once you die,
Why are you not seeing?
Your delusion just seems to persist

Just go happily along,

Without having a care,

Why do you even have to pray?

You are simply wrong,

There isn’t anything there!

You just wasted your entire day!


That’s when I lose,

I have nothing left to defend,

I might as well sigh and leave


But then I start to muse,

As if it were Heaven send,

About why I really choose to believe


The probability is low,

I surely cannot deny

For God to be ever present


But our hopes do grow

I can clearly testify

From a sensation that can be called pleasant


We sow our ambitions

In the soil of chance

And await for them to sprout


It escapes our cognition

When we sing and we dance

That our joys lie in things which we doubt


We are not sure

Of what will happen tomorrow

We are fearful and confused as can be


Yet we still feel secure

In the things which bring sorrow

Like a million dollar lottery


The probability is low

You surely cannot deny

For you to become rich overnight


So why do you throw,

A fit when I cry

To my God who is out of our sight?


Perhaps you’re not one

Who wants to be wealthy

Yet you still think that I am inane


But you see I have fun

And it keeps me quite healthy

To know my hope will never go in vain


Because why not believe?

We lie everyday

That happiness is only outside of us


It’s not that hard to conceive

In our mind and to say,

That the Divine is simply stupendous!