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As bad enough as it is for those in biomedical research to procure funding, clueless trouble-makers like this guy make it worse.

Here is a quote from this guys article

It doesn’t seem to have occurred to Hunt that if Alzheimer’s deaths have increased, it is largely because deaths from cancer and circulatory ailments have decreased. As this column has noted repeatedly, the aggregate death rate from all causes is 100%; if the deaths from one cause diminish, by mathematical necessity deaths from all other causes will eventually rise by a like number.

Does that mean we should be ignoring absolute NUMBERS of deaths? Or look at other statistics that clearly point to a rise in numbers of people suffering from Alzheimer’s?

Fortunately, some good retorts were posted in the comments section of the very article, including the somewhat tongue-in-cheek exclamation that the writer himself seemed to be suffering from Alzheimer’s.