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This painting was around since 1947 – why the sudden fuss? Who cares about the painting? Who is it hurting? I am not a Christian or American citizen, but it is absurd to think that this painting is ‘non-secular’ or ‘bringing religion into school’. I think America’s constitution should be amended. The district would have ended up paying tax payer money as fees, which is the only reason that the painting was removed. This is not a victory of democracy – it is a victory of deceit. The FFRF want publicity and they want money. There are several other major civil rights violations – why focus on religious freedom? Easy answer – it is a soft target. Well done. You can feed your fat faces from all the donations you collect from your publicity stunts now.

Final question – why is it that my tax payer money should be paid by the district to remove a painting that perhaps millions of non-christians don’t even have a problem with? If the FFRF has a problem – tough. Don’t sue people for my money! The FFRF and American Humanist Association do this all the time. They threaten with lawsuits that could cost the government exorbitant fees, make headlines, get publicity, get money and lead a pleasant life. Nice business. Nice scam.