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Ingredients : Voting booth. Your self.

Step 1. Go to voting booth

Step 2. Vote for a Republican candidate

Step 3. Wait and watch as the country’s economy crumbles.

I know I have been ranting about this for days now, but the GOPs antics just don’t seem to stop. After failing to reach a deal over the imminent sequestration, now the GOP has ensured that its interests aren’t hurt by the sequester by protecting defense spending from budget cuts. Pretty slick now that it is almost impossible to reverse the sequester. I think this is what the phrase ‘showing one’s true colors’ refers to? Make it look like the sequester is fair by having equal budget cuts on defense and non-defense sectors. Then, do a gotcha on everyone once there’s no turning back.

In other news, the Attorney General of the US said that ‘Some banks were too big to prosecute’. Great. This obviously didn’t go well with some Democrats like Elizabeth Warren. Warren is right. $85 billion in tax payer money going to subsidize banks? $85 BILLION?! If the Fed stopped giving this money out, there wouldn’t be a need for sequester. Guess that’s a touchy issue. Then again, everything is a touchy issue when the right wing is involved.

I blogged the other day about how oil companies get subsidies from the government and how NY Times found that corporations are using tax exempt municipal bonds to construct their own fancy buildings.This means that more than $85 billion in tax payer money is going out every year to subsidize corporate whims and fancies.

Considering the income inequality in the US, it’s a no-brainer that the government should stop playing lapdog to Wall Street. Sigh. Then again, welfare of the public isn’t at the top of the priority list of any government in the world, I’d imagine.

I’ll end on a positive note. You know how the Prez wants to increase minimum wage to $9/hr? Well, there’s a businessman who actually wants to raise it to over $10/hr?! That’s right. A CEO said this. That’s what America needs more of. Maybe there is hope.

Nah. Who am I kidding?